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Flexible Wellen - Flexible Reach Rods


Due to the generally low mechanical stress of the Reach Rod cover, the systems remains permanently functional in case of proper handling and use. The Flexible Reach Rod and components require only minimum maintenance, which is dependent on external influences und to be determined by the operator. We recommend to perform general status check-ups and functional tests in regular intervals of maximum 2 years, including an operation of the corresponding valve. On these occasions, the Flexible Reach Rod should also be re-greased.

If there are additional maintenance instructions for the valve requiring more frequent maintenance or functional testing, the shorter intervals are applicable. During the check-up the Flexible Reach Rod should be greased by means of filling the greasing nipple with normal high-pressure grease:

  1. In the first three years of operation: once per year, approx. 50 ml per section
  2. After three years: Greasing is only required in case an obvious scratching/scraping of the core is noticeable when the Flexible Reach Rod is turned. In this case, greasing quantity should be 50 ml per section.

Penetration elements trough bulkheads, decks and tanks (divisions in general) have to be checked regularly for potential leakages. In case of apparent leaks the contained sealing components have to be replaced.

Spare parts

Since the Flexible Reach Rod is subject to a relatively low wear we cannot recommend that spare parts to be kept in storage permanently. Many years of experience show that the are virtually no failures that justify the storage of spares.

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